The Limiting Factor

- semi-structured line noise.


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Looks like I will be at goto CPH again this year.

The format this year is quite different, but looks very interesting nonetheless. Especially the Leading & Bleeding Edge track looks interesting. At this track I am especially looking forward to seeing David Nolen’s talk Putting the Dream Machine to Work.

David has created a ClojureScript framework on top of React called Om. Om is not just a wrapper around React. It leverages ClojureScript’s immutable datastructures to substitute costly object and array compares with reference equality checks. This results in quite significant performance improvements.

David in his tutorials encourage another ClojureScript feature core.async for intercomponent communication.

As Om is still very new there are not many presentations available but Functional UI programming with React.JS and ClojureScript is a very good introduction.

If you understand Norwegian (and maybe even if you don’t) Magnar Sveen and Christian Johansen have recorded a very entertaining series of pair programming screencast where they use ClojureScript, Quiescent (an alternative React ClojureScript library) and a TDD approach to create a Zombie themed Memory Flash Game called ZOMBIECLJ